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Our Highland Park store is the only Punch location that takes reservations on a limited basis. Reservations, based on availability, are for groups of 6 or more Sunday – Thursday only. Call Highland Park Punch at 651.696.1066 to reserve a table or for more information.

In addition, our Stadium Village store has a 12-person community table that can be reserved (nights only, excluding Gopher Sport game nights). Call Stadium Village Punch at 612.331.3122 to reserve the table or for more information.

We do not deliver. At this time, our Highland Park Punch (651.696.1066) is the only restaurant that accepts call-head orders over the phone. We are testing on-line ordering this fall and will have that available at all other locations once the kinks are worked out. In the meantime, please come into the restaurant to place your takeout order. Since our pizzas cook in only 90 seconds, you can get in and out pretty quickly. At peak times there may be a 10-15 minute wait in line, but usually get you out the door with hot pizzas within a few minutes of ordering.

We do not have a detailed nutritional analysis of our food. If you have any specific questions about ingredients or allergens click here or please email us directly.

More about Neapolitan style pizza:
While the benefits of a Mediterranean diet are well documented, it’s not until you travel to southern Italy that you discover how healthy the people appear. We don’t know if it’s because Naples is the birthplace of both espresso and pizza, but Neapolitans exude energy. While we are not nutritionists, there appears to be some fundamental reasons that the diet is healthier than others — specifically how Neapolitans make and enjoy their pizzas.


  1. Crushed Tomatoes: One thing that usually surprises our customers is the answer to what’s in our tomato sauce: Our sauce is simply crushed tomatoes – nothing else. If you pick up a jar of tomato sauce in the store, it’s shocking to see just how much stuff is in there besides tomatoes.
  2. Dough: It is no secret that our dough recipe is top secret! While it contains only flour, yeast, water and salt it is a very complicated recipe and scientific process. We are passionate about making dough from scratch every day and committed to the old world standard of dough making.
  3. Ingredients: We take pride in using fresh, natural, non-processed “whole” ingredients. All of our vegetables are received fresh and prepped daily. We source all of our meats and cheeses from purveyors dedicated to quality above all else. Our prosciutto from Parma, Italy is made using a centuries old technique and our sausage is from a local family-run whole-hog producer. At Punch, we don’t cut corners and we purchase ingredients based on quality first.

When people come to Punch for the first time many are surprised by the difference in the amount of toppings compared to traditional American pizza. Neapolitan pizzas are designed to be light and are offered as a first course in Naples rather than a main course. After eating an American pizza you are usually left feeling heavy and maybe a little guilty but after eating a Neapolitan pizza you actually feel good and even energized.

The classic pizza of Naples, Italy is the Margherita. This pizza is made with only fresh mozzarella, crushed tomatoes, and fresh basil. When this “simple” pizza is prepared and cooked properly it is one of the most delicious things in the world. We like to use this pizza to measure our competitors because this pizza doesn’t lie – you can tell almost everything about a restaurant’s commitment to quality on how the classic Margherita tastes.

After extensive trial and error testing dozens of different gluten free crusts, we finally found one that cooks well in our 900 degree wood-burning ovens and compliments our high quality ingredients. Our gluten-free crust is also dairy-free and soy-free but it DOES contain eggs.

Please note: This crust is not safe for those who have severe gluten allergies because our kitchen environment has wheat flour in the air and all pizzas are cooked in the same oven. While we have kitchen procedures in place to avoid cross-contamination, we can’t guarantee our Gluten-Free pizza will be 100% gluten free. Please consider this when ordering our GF pizza.

Please see our (Allergy Matrix) to check if a menu item contains gluten.

Yes, authentic Neapolitan pizza is “wetter” because of the crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and olive oil. Unlike American pizza, a Neapolitan style pizza is meant to be eaten with a knife and fork. In our opinion, nothing tastes better than dipping your crust into the pool of tomatoes, cheese and olive oil in the middle of your plate! However, if you prefer a drier pizza ask the cashier to have the cooks make your pizza “dry style” with light crushed tomatoes and light oil and a firmer “set” on the bottom of the pizza.

If you are dissatisfied with your pizza or your experience at Punch, please email us directly. We want to hear your feedback.

Because we cook our pizzas in a 900 degree wood-burning oven there will be dark spots on the bottom of the pizza to achieve a “set” and signature black bubbles on the crust. We expect a properly cooked Neapolitan pizza to have some char. If you prefer your pizza with less char please ask the cashier to have the cooks make your pizza “light done”.

If you are dissatisfied with your pizza or your experience at Punch, please email us directly. We want to hear your feedback.

Punch has two main charity partners whom we’ve chosen to focus our cash donations to, Children’s Cancer Research Fund and Second Harvest Heartland. Over the last 5 years, with the help of our generous customers, we have raised over $124,000 for CCRF and provided cash and food donations equating to over 63,000 meals for 2nd Harvest. We are proud to make a bigger impact by focusing on these two great Twin City based non-profits.

Since the founding of Punch in 1996, we have been committed to supporting local organizations; especially schools, academic and athletic clubs, non-profits that help children and families, and groups in the Twin Cities that fight hunger, seek a cure for cancer and support our first responders. We will be delighted to donate a gift card for silent auctions, raffles or fundraisers to support these non-profits and other community focused organizations.

Due to the high volume of requests, we’ve chosen to focus our in-store fundraising to support local schools, academic / youth sports clubs, and organizations that align with the goals of our current charitable partners, Children’s Cancer Research Fund and Second Harvest Heartland. Once an event is scheduled, friends and family of the organization can dine at Punch and we will donate 20% of the pre-tax proceeds to your organization.

To check the balance on your gift card, you can either bring the card into any Punch location and the cashier can swipe to get the balance. Otherwise, you can send a message with the numbers on the back of the card here and we will get back to you shortly with the balance.

We do not franchise.

Please contact Blois Olson with Fluence Media 651.276.1678

Why are you only offering online ordering at some stores?
We are rolling out our online ordering one store at a time. Stadium Village is our first, and others will follow in the next months.

Where do I go to pick up my order? Do I need to wait in line if I’ve placed an order online?
No need to wait in line. Stop in at your designated time and proceed to the hanging “online pickup” sign. Please check in with the Punch staff member working the counter and they will give you your order.

Why are some time slots not available for pick up?
At certain times our restaurant is at maximum capacity and we are unable to accommodate additional orders. If a time slot isn’t available for your order it’s because either the time slot was blacked out or another customer had already filled the slot with their order.

Why can’t I make a special request?
In order to streamline the online order process, we were unable to accept special requests. Please order at the restaurant if you need us to accommodate a special request.

Why can’t I order as many pizzas as I want?
At certain times our oven is at maximum capacity – or close to it. Subsequently, we are only able to accommodate smaller online orders. During slower periods, you can order up to 6 pizzas or Salads. If you have a larger order, please visit the restaurant.

Why can’t I change my order once I’ve paid?
Once you submit an online order it’s stored in a network and not printed until your order is ready to be made. Please come to the store and speak with a manager if you have any questions.

Why do I have to create a profile?
We want to make our online ordering system one that is both simple and robust. By creating a profile, you will be able to quickly replicate your order and be a part of future Punch deals, news and events.

Can I eat my pizza at the store?
Yes, you are welcome to dine-in if there are tables available and you don’t mind eating from your take-out packaging. If our restaurant is holding tables for dine-in customers, please take your order to go.

Can I use a gift card, coupon or order online during a promotion?
Sorry but we do not accept instore coupons, gift cards or promotional prices for online orders